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You only have two hands!
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The original SMARTCOOZIE™ allows you to hold your 

beverage and smartphone in one hand and access the the same time!

The original SmartCoozie™ :

  • is an insulated handheld beverage holder that has a unique compartment made specifically for your Smartphone.

  • allows you to hold both your phone and your beverage safely at the same time.

  • enables you to hold your beverage and smartphone in one hand with the SmartCoozie™ and use your other hand to text, throw a frisbee, check your stock portfolio or turn a steak on the grill!

  • our unique and patent pending design allows for full use of your phone while enjoying your favorite beverage.

  • perfect for the beach or pool, tailgate parties or sporting events.


  • models for both cans and bottles 
  • available in many colors
  • fits all phone sizes 



While attending a graduation party for a son of  mutual friends, the founders of Archduke Enterprises, LLC witnessed numerous partygoers holding their beverage of choice in one hand and their smartphone in the other hand.  They also saw several other attendees holding their beverage in one hand  and the phone in the fingers of the same hand.  At that moment, they realized that the world needed a way to drink a beverage and hold your smartphone in one hand. Shortly thereafter, these two long time friends and neighbors knew they just discovered the greatest smartphone accessory which is now known as the SMARTCOOZIE™​.

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Drink Smartly,

My Friends!™

About Us
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