Western Marketing Association

The Western Marketing Association is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association. The AMA provides many ways for marketers and academics to connect with the people and resources they need to be successful in the field. The AMA is committed to delivering valued relationships and peerless thought leadership, elevating the science of marketing and igniting growth and prosperity in economies around the world.

For many years, Western Connecticut State University and its WMA members have competed nationally at the AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. Students in the association have done a great job both at placing in the different competitions as well as providing knowledgable insight for successors who compete thereafter. WMA is a relatively small chapter compared to many other schools who attend the conference yearly. However, that hasn't prevented them from placing top 24 in 2015, top 18 in 2016 and plans to improve to top 15 for 2017.


The Western Marketing Association partakes in many activites throughout the academic year which includes helping local businesses overcome barriers that are preventing them from being successful in the marketplace. By working with SmartCoozie™, students gained real world knowledge while implementing strategies learned in academic courses to accurately price, position and determine the target market for SmartCoozie™.

AMA Collegiate Exhibit Competition

WMA exihit competitors, from left to right: Bobbie, Jean, Marios and McKayla

Nine Western Connecticut State University students who are  members of the Western Marketing Association traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana on March 16th, 2016 for a three day conference. These young professionals were set to compete against 367 other AMA chapters that happen to be scattered throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. New York University, Pennsylvania State University, and Western Connecticut State University are a few of the many schools that competed in the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference. From over twenty competing categories, the Exhibit Competition was one that the WMA had dedicated their time to. 


On Thursday, March 17th, the floor opened for students to begin setting up their tents at 8:00 A.M. and were given several hours to prepare until the judging round later that afternoon. Groups of professors affiliated with the AMA and other marketing professionals went around the set of tents and spoke to two presenting students who portrayed the activities of its chapter. 

Our SmartCoozie™ table at the AMA Chapter Exhibit Competition

WMA group celebrating our 3rd place exhibit award on the main stage 

Four of the WMA students who had been helping SmartCoozie™ establish 

its brand, got the opportunity to showcase everything they had accomplished. From internal agency communication strategies, to developing this very website, establishing a social media presence and suggesting target markets for the SmartCoozie™ product. These were some of the talking points Bobbie and Jean had used to explain the association's activities to the three groups of judges who had visited the SmartCoozie™ tent.


Later that evening after a dinner ceremony, the exhibit hall opened to all students to walk the floor and interact with the activites for each booth. For the SmartCoozie™ booth, we had a SmartCoozie™ challenge which showed the difficulties one must go through to interact with his or her phone whole holding a beverage. Students held a bottle of water in one hand, while typing "Meet me at Café du Monde at 7 o'clock" into their smartphone with the other hand in under 12 seconds. Those who successfully completed the challenge, got to take home a SmartCoozie™ of their own. Both the judges and students showed a great deal of interest about SmartCoozie™ and the activites the WMA students had worked on. This led to the Exhibit Team placing in 3rd overall for Best Communication of Chapter Activites. Combined with all of the competitions WMA entered at AMA, we improved our record to 18th.

Exhibit 3rd place award for best Communication

of Chapter activites

WMA group celebrating our 18th overall placement between all

competing chapters